A home should be a sanctuary: tailored function realized through thoughtful design.


Jonathan has been a student of design from the age of eight, when he began funnelling his allowance into architecture and design magazines. At 19 he opened his first home accessories store, followed by a vintage furniture business. His work in design firms was a natural progression, and in 2008 he established an independent consultancy.

Driven not only by clients’ tastes and requirements, but by their personalities, Jonathan creates homes that express the essential natures of their owners. It is an organic process that thrives on strong, long-term client relationships in limited numbers.

His work is both contemporary and traditional, often in a surprising yet seamless integration. He has been featured in various media, and in spring 2009 was Canadian Home and Country’s first Nova Scotian cover in its 20-year history.

“Constantly creating and designing, drawing inspiration from everything.”

“Talent is one thing, and he’s certainly talented. But what makes working with Jonathan unforgettable is his energy. He’s irresistible!”

News, musings, photos of work in progress and more can be found at Jonathan’s popular blog, here.

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